Drawing Vintage Streetscapes and Buildings from Photos

streetscapes draw from photos

Get inspiration and ideas from photos

Old strip malls make awesome drawing inspiration.

When I’m looking for things to draw I will sometimes trawl Google for images. I’ll search for vintage buildings, abandoned strip malls, anything that is likely to turn up an interesting image to draw. I’m not looking to draw the object exactly – I’m just looking for ideas which I’ll adapt to my own style. Sometimes it’s fun to have something to model a design on especially when I’m looking for something new and funky.

Here are a couple of drawings I did from photos, this is a strip mall which I drew on a plane, hence its slightly jittery lines:

strip mall draw from photos

And this is a 50’s style building and car. Just quick and fun drawings. All you need is a .01 micron pen, paper and a few spare minutes.

draw from photos old time buildings

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