December, 2016

Learn to Draw an Ice Cream Truck in 6 Steps



Learn to draw a very cute ice cream truck in just 6 steps

No matter what time it is ice cream always sounds good. I never see the antique ice cream trucks cruising around my street anymore. It used to be my favorite thing to see growing up. So here’s a quick sketch of one for you to enjoy. I thought it would be super cute on a mason jar to give it a vintage look. I’m sure there are lots of fun crafts that you can think of to use this image on! So why not give it a try. read on

Learn to Draw a Suitcases in 6 Steps


Learn to draw a set of antique suitcase in 6 steps

Personally like to keep all of my travel tickets and notes in one notebook and slowly that notebook has gotten bigger and bigger and is full of a bunch of fun memories. To decorate the front of my notebook I decided to draw a set of suitcases. These antique style suitcases are super cute and are really easy to draw. Here is the 6 step for you to draw and use to decorate something of your own! read on

How to Draw a Crown in 6 Steps


Learn to draw a very cute crown in just 6 steps

For anyone who has a daughter who thinks that they are a princess or if you think you’re a princess, this crown is perfect for you. It is super sweet and delicate and would look awesome in a youngster’s room or drawn in sparkles on a sweater. The 6 step is super simple and it would make a fun project to draw on a rainy day. Here is the 6 step for you! read on

Learn To Draw a Mix Tape in 6 Steps


Learn to draw a cute mix tape in just 6 steps…

Personally I am really sad by the fact that I grew up in the time of mix CDs’ instead of mix tapes. I thin mix tapes are a lot more personal very cute. I already made this guy a sticker and put him on my notebook. There are a lot of cool things to do with it though. Especially now a days where the mix tape has a more classic theme. read on