learn to draw in 6 steps

Learn to Draw a Kawaii Pizza Slice in 6 Steps

pizza opener 2

Learn to draw a super cute kawaii themed pizza in just 6 steps

These very cute pizza is almost as cute as he is delicious. I personally love his little face peering up at me. plus who doesn’t love pizza. I even put him on my laptop! If you think of anymore fun ideas drop them below! read on

Learn to Draw Overlapping Flowers in 6 Steps

flowers opener3


Learn to draw super cute overlapping flowers in just 6 easy steps

These super cute flowers are just what you need to give yourself a pick me up with all of this rain! These flowers give me a beach vibe which is why I put them on a surfboard (on the bottom of the page). I have been really groggy with this weather and these flowers remind me that summer is just around the corner.
These overlapping flowers are trickier than our other doodles. On the six step it explains how to draw the first flower on a post it note and then for you to cut it out. Then you use this flower to put down on top of your original flower to use to see where to draw the half of the flower you are on. Here is the 6 step to give you a visual! Have fun! read on

Learn to Draw a Kawaii Milk and Cookies

milk and cookies2 opener

Draw an Adorable Kawaii Style Milk and Cookies in Just 6 steps

I have really been missing the kawaii style that I usually doodle and decided to bring it back with these cute little guys. I already had so much fun putting them on my favorite coffee mug. These guys are a perfect little add around your kitchen to bring in the home sweet home vibe. These guys are also extremely easy which is perfect for your kiddos to join in! Here is the 6 step before I get too excited! Enjoy!! read on

Learn to Draw a Sofa Chair in 6 Steps

couch opener


Learn to draw this very cute sofa chair in just 6 steps

With all of the rain that has pouring recently in California I have been dreaming of an afternoon of sitting my tush on a comfy sofa chair, with a hot coco and a warm blanket. Now I can make those dreams come to life with this cute little doodle. Perfect for these very chilly days when all you want to do is sit on this couch. read on

Learn to Draw an Amsterdam House


Learn to Draw a super cute Amsterdam house in 6 steps

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Europe. My favorite city by far was Amsterdam. The beautiful canals, the tranquil look on the resident faces, and the sense of history everywhere you look. I fell in love with the cute houses along the cobblestone streets. So too help with my nostalgia I made this doodle to make me feel better. You can put it practically anywhere but personally I want to make one for my room next to my Amsterdam photos. read on