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Draw a cartoon bird in 6 steps

Cartoon bird-opener

How to draw an adorable little cartoon bird

This cartoon bird is so cute and very east to draw. It is a perfect drawing for kids who love cartoons!

This bird is so simple to draw – why not draw him a few times following the step by step and then try some other poses for him – draw him looking up or eating some seeds.   Read on

Learn to Draw a Fox in Six Steps

fox kawaii fox opener

Learn to Draw a Fox in 6 Steps

This super cute fox will also be my last post ever on this site! I have honestly loved every post I have shared with you! Please keep creating and keep your enthusiasm for art thriving. But, this super cute fox,  is something I am really stoked for. I decided to add him at about the same time as the pig and even though he is a fox he could also be a wolf (it works). So I decided to do a little spin off of the three little pigs with my succulent pots. Let me know what you think and what you try with this little guy. read on