April, 2017

Learn to Draw a Shooting Star in 6 Steps


shooting star opener


Learn to draw a super cute shooting star in 6 steps.

This awesome star will give anyone the inspiration they need to make it through the day! You can put it anywhere! I personally love how it looks in a classroom to give the kids the hope to shoot for the stars. It would also be an awesome craft for kids, maybe make it with the quote that says “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” Let me know what you do with this little guy! read on

Learn to Draw a Row of Houses in 6 Steps

houses opener

Learn to draw a row of houses in just 6 simple steps.

This cute little design is one of my favorites for its versatility. It can look adorable anywhere. I love the way it looks in an office but you can put it all around your home and it will be adorable. Here is the 6 step before I get too exited! read on