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Learn to Draw a Fox in Six Steps

fox kawaii fox opener

Learn to Draw a Fox in 6 Steps

This super cute fox will also be my last post ever on this site! I have honestly loved every post I have shared with you! Please keep creating and keep your enthusiasm for art thriving. But, this super cute fox,  is something I am really stoked for. I decided to add him at about the same time as the pig and even though he is a fox he could also be a wolf (it works). So I decided to do a little spin off of the three little pigs with my succulent pots. Let me know what you think and what you try with this little guy. read on

Learn to Draw a Kawaii Pig in 6 Steps

pig opener 2

Learn to Draw a Super Cute Kawaii Pig in Just 6 Steps

This guy is adorable. Perfect for the youngsters when they are learning their barn animals. He is also super simple to draw to add to your Kawaii collection. I also thought he would look super cute in my kitchen so I put him on some utensils I had lying around. Comment below what fun ideas you have! read on

Learn to Draw a Space Ship in 6 Steps

Rocket opener

Learn to draw a super cute space ship in just 6 steps

This guys is one of my favorites so far. I even put an alien in it to make it super cute! A super easy to draw so perfect to do with the kids. Check him out on the bottom of the page in a kids room and all colored in and cute! Let me know what you think and if you put him somewhere cool! read on

Draw a Kawaii Fox in 6 steps

fox opener

Learn to draw a really cute kawaii style fox in just 6 steps

This little guy is adorable, especially if you are a big fan of kawaii. You can put him anywhere plus he is kid friendly. Maybe you can teach your kids to draw him on a lazy afternoon! Let me know what crazy ideas you think of for this cutie! read on

Learn to Draw a Kawaii Bunny in 6 Steps

bunny 2 kawaii opener


Learn to draw a super cute kawaii bunny in 6 simple steps

This little guys is adorable all the way to his cotton tail. Plus he is really easy to draw, something kids will enjoy! Bunnies are personally my favorite animal I just find them adorable. Plus they look cute anywhere, I would love to put a picture of him near my garden! Before I get too exited here is the six step! read on

Learn to Draw a Shooting Star in 6 Steps


shooting star opener


Learn to draw a super cute shooting star in 6 steps.

This awesome star will give anyone the inspiration they need to make it through the day! You can put it anywhere! I personally love how it looks in a classroom to give the kids the hope to shoot for the stars. It would also be an awesome craft for kids, maybe make it with the quote that says “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” Let me know what you do with this little guy! read on