Learn to Draw a Wreath in Five Ways

Draw a wreath in five ways

Learn to Draw Five Different Wreaths in a Few Steps

Today we will go over FIVE wreath styles in ONE post! You will learn how to draw wreaths in 5 different ways. These are great for adding a little bit of style to your bullet journal titles or why not use them for a greeting card?

When you’re drawing your wreath, if you have trouble drawing a circle freehand – draw around a circular object in pencil first – jars and jar lids make a good template as does the inside (or outside) of a roll of sticky tape. Then go over your pencil lines with a pen but do that freehand – that way you still get the irregularity of a hand drawn shape with the benefit of it looking more like a circle than it might otherwise have looked.

five wreaths learn to draw

My all time fave is #5 although #1 comes in a close second. I love to color these with Prismacolor markers or a touch of watercolor – and don’t think they have to be green – they don’t. They look super cute with a dash of blue watercolor or pink. My favorite watercolors for these is the Prima Pastel Dreams watercolor set.


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