Draw a Kawaii Style Hedgehog in 6 Simple Steps

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How to draw a super cute kawaii style hedgehog quickly and easily

I think little baby hedgehogs are about as cute as they come. I kind of imagine that they are less prickly and that if I were to pet them they might even feel just a little bit silky – at least if I pet them the right way!

To celebrate all that is cute about baby hedgehogs here is a “how to draw” step by step process for drawing your own cute hedgehog.

As with all these drawings this little guy follows the same basic body shape. We are paying homage to his spikes with a cute spiky outline and – of course – he has to have a cute little nose.

You can dress him up with a hearts speech bubble for valentine’s day or holding a 4 leaf clover for St Patricks day if you like. I think he’d make a great card and look super cute on a tee shirt. In fact, I’m thinking I might put him on a tee shirt over at cafepress – wouldn’t that be fun… my mind is churning with possibilities.

While I mull over them, here he is – step by step:


hedgehog kawai2i

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