Draw a Kawaii Style Pig in 6 Steps

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How to draw a Kawaii style pig (piglet) in just a few easy steps

This little guy is a total cutie, don’t you think? He is built on the same basic body shape as all my recent Kawaii animals and what sets him aside is his piggy features.

When you are learning to draw animals it helps to think about what is special about that animal.

Ask yourself, what makes a pig a pig?

Well, what makes a pig a pig is its nose and ears – that’s it – simple hey? So giving him a round nose and some cute pointed ears just says pig. Of course, the OINK speech bubble doesn’t hurt but it isn’t actually needed.

If you like this little guy and if you draw him, why not send me a link to your drawing to share it? And if you love this little guy like I do – then boost his popularity by pinning him to Pinterest – he loves to be popular.

pig kawaii2

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